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Dr. Dukan's Daily Slimming Secrets
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Vertical Stress Stretches
To help you lose weight, have cold drinks!
Dukan Aperitif
Speed up your weight loss with oat bran tabouleh
Retention or Support?
Get your combustion engine going again!
The teeth and thighs secret
You want to lose weight?
Be a chocoholic and still lose weight
A secret for losing weight: GAZPACHO!
The aubergine appetite suppressant
A secret for when you're faced with stress
Go balsamic with this slimming vinegar!
Green tea to break through a plateau
Your home is a magical place for losing weight!
Purslane - a great secret
The punch bag: take it out on your weight and lose weight
Cider Vinegar
THE slimming reflex action
The secret of WALKING!
Forbidden fruits
Vegetables or a gastric band?
The aubergine appetite suppressant
A Spanish secret: la Plancha
Work hard at developing your muscles
Turn time lost into weight lost!
A secret for the table
You want to lose weight? Don't shy away from packets!
When you feel joyful, jump!
You want to lose weight and you have a car. Give it a wash!
The Yogi's secret
Walking - so that you lose weight and don't put it back on!
Make your own protein pasta
The weight of STRESS!
The B.A.T. secret
See yourself as a hunter gatherer
An overlooked secret: the trampoline
Be in control of your plate!
You want to lose weight?
Fragrance box
A secret that is completely FREE OF CHARGE!
A Firm Face secret: the anti-sagging exercise
Low fat dairy products
Cardamom & Coriander
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