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Dukan Diet Recipes
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October 22 Weekly Chat With Dr. Dukan

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:41 pm    Post subject: October 22 Weekly Chat With Dr. Dukan  Reply with quote

October 22 Weekly Chat With Dr. Dukan

mod : Good morning everyone! We are on the 22nd of October, welcome to our live chat!All of your questions are welcome and we will do our best to answer to all of you. Today your live chat will be with Cathy our dietician and Sonja. Pierre Dukan will not be with us today for professional reasons, he sincerely apologizes for that. The chat will last for one hour. Have a good chat!

Ritamargarita : I am at the first day of attack phase. I am confused at breakfast how many things I can choose? I did 1 and a half spoon of oatbran(poredge) with little of skimmed milk for every morning. Then for lunch in one menu there is for example tuna tart-veal-cheesecake. Is this all for lunch? do I have to eat it all or can I eat one piece of chicken breast? For dinner there is veal carpaccio-roast quail and custard tart.Is this one meal?? Is not too much? I am little confused. I have read Dr.Dukan's book and on attack phase you eat whenever hungry from the allowed food. So do I have to stick to the menu?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Rita! Actually there are three types of menus per day and you can pick up one starter, one main dish and one dessert from them. Also remember that these menus are optional and not following them will not influence your weight loss. Keep going and do not hesitate to ask if you have more questions!

Wheelerrgra : I had a hip replacement in July and also have arthritis in the other hip and my lower spine.What exercises should i not do?
Moderatrice cathy : Welcome to our Friday's chat Wheelerrga, I hope you can move slowly but safely. I would rather advise you to ask your physiotherapist about specific work out which would not traumatize your hips and your spine. To my mind, walking in the swimming pool would be the best thing but please ask your physiotherapist also. Take care!

homestreich : To meet the goal of drinking 1.5 liters of water per day, is it better to drink pure water, or is it just as fine to drink coffee and diet soda? Thanks!
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Homestreich nice to see you there! I would say that the best is not to drink too much diet sodas as they can make you feel bloated but if you don't take more than three cans per day it's fine. Have a nice day!

Ritamargarita : ON PP we i am not allowed more than 1and a half tb.spoon of oat bran.I found for my dinner recipe to have in the same day the dukan sandwich with surimi and vanilla cake and this two recipies exceed the 2 tb.spoon of oats. how can this possible??
Moderatrice cathy : Dear Ritamargarita, you noticed an error in your daily meals suggestions. You are allowed to have 1,5 Tbsp oat bran per day in the attack phase, so please don't overeat that amount, choose one of the both recipes. Thanks for your understanding. Enjoy your meal!

amandapym : Last sunday, I weighed 72.3 kilos and when we were at a restaurant, I ordered the wrong thing by mistake which had alot of oil. I ate a little of it but not all and since then my weight has gone up to 73.1 kilos and is stagnating. Have I completely ruined my diet- my weight was going down every day until my lapse!!!!
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Amanda! Don't worry you haven't ruined your whole diet. Such kind of lapse can happen and also you haven't done it on purpose! The best thing to do in such kind of situation is the next day to do a PP day and to increase your physical activity; Also try not to eat tolerated for a few days and increase your oat bran intake. You can also drink cold water. All of this will help you to restart your weight loss. Keep going and have a very nice day!

tlerm1 : I am on cruise stage from today and my instruction says 1:1 PP and PV. What does this mean?
Moderatrice cathy : Welcome to your cruise phase tlerm1, 1 PP / 1PV means that you have to do 1 PP day followed by 1 PV day and so on. 1/1 is the average alternating in the Dukan method. Have a nice coaching!

elderflower : I'm having trouble with lunch I work and the only thing we have is a microwave. I started off ok but am getting board with the same thing every day and so I find myself eating whatever I can get my hands on. Please help as I was doing well and now I'm not. Thanks Sarah
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Elderflower! I think you should try to do your Dukan meal the evening before and to bring it at work. Try to bring enough food with you; Like that you will not be temptated by others. I'm sure you can do it. Keep going!

mimi_papadatos : If I am doing intensive exercise of 1 hour per day, 4 days a week, how does this change my diet?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Mimi! the more you move the best it is so the only influence it can have on your weight is to lose weight quicker so keep going as you are doing great!

leabennett : I have been the same weight for a week although the only lapse I have had is a glass of wine a week ago. I have done extra exercise and been very careful to ensure I keep strictly to the diet since. Is this diet just not right for me?
Moderatrice cathy : Hello leabennett, the 16th October's lapse can still have an incidence today and it can explain that little stagnation period. Please follow very strictly your instructions, leave aside tolerated items, continue to do extra exercises and be careful about the salt added on your dishes as well as salty food (ham, preserves, smocked fish). Drink 1,5 L water per day also. I am sure your weight will go down again, be patient and keep your motivation! Let's go!

dawson1199 : Hi Dr Dukan, Just want to start by saying a huge thankyou. I have just done 2 days of the attack phase and lost an astonishing 2.2kg!! Fab! My question is in regard to the physical activity section in my daily instructions. When it says eg abdominal exercise 12 moves..... does that mean that i follow the on-line video for that exercise 12 times or just 12 singular movements instead of the 10 that the lady does on screen? Hope my question makes sense, and thankyou again. I'm really excited!!!
Moderatrice cathy : Hello dawson1199, thanks for your question, you are right to ask us that precision if it isn't clear enough. In fact, you will have to do 12 singular movements of the work out shown on the video. Have a nice sport session!

candishibbi : elderflower - I am the same as you and I discovered this genious lunch recipe. Mix one small drained tin of tuna in springwater with the same amount of cottage cheese and black pepper, microwave for 1 minute and enjoy! It is soooo nice and tastes like a pizza :) then add vegies to it on PV days!! Its soo good for work! Quick and yummy!!!
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Candi! that sounds really yummy! Thanks for that and do not hesitate to post on the forum to share this recipe with others!

bachuandme : I have noticed that I gain a couple of pounds on PV days which is very demotivating and makes me want to give up. Is it just water retention ? I didn't gain this much in a day when I was eating like a pig. What is going on?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi bachua! How are you today? Don't worry it's completely normal to weigh more on PV days as vegetables contain water. But it's only water and that is evacuated the day after. Also that doesn't mean that you don't get slimmer. You can take some drainers that can help you to eliminate extra water from your body. Have a nice day!

candishibbi : Hi Crew, What can I do to rectify a major lapse of alchohol (Say a bottle of red wine and a few vodkas) I feel sick today :( Should I do an Attack again? Thanks :)
Moderatrice cathy : Hello candishibbi, woow, that is a very major lapse indeed, it is not surprising that you feel sick today. How come, please forgot that negative event and focus on the future which will be more positive for sure! Please follow 2 PP days from now on and increase your daily physical activity in order to kick off that lapse and restart your weight loss. Moreover, drink 2 L of water in order to rehydrate yourself after that high alcohol intake. Don't worry, you will reach your true weight but next time try to limit yourself to one glass of good red wine, you will enjoy it much more. I trust in you!

Jannrobert : I will be away from home in Canada from November 1 thru 5. How should I proceed during that time?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Jann! If you hope so I can suspend your coaching during the time you are away. Just let me know via the email box of your slimming apartment. Also during your trip try to focus on allowed food only and remember that it's better to do a PV day instead of a PP day if you have no choice than doing a lapse. Have a nice day!

maytegf : Due to my work the next months Ill have to travel abroad and assist to business meals. Im worried because dont know how to keep eating according to the Dukan diet and its a pity because Im really enjoying this diet. What should I do? Could you give me some advice? Thanks
Moderatrice sonja : Hi May! I completely understand your situation. What you have to do first is to avoid lapses as much as you can and to eat only allowed food; Also I have said in a previous answer it's really better to do a PV day instead of a PP if you have no choice than doing a lapse. In case of a lapse the next day do a PP day and increase your physical activity. Keep us informed on how things are!

nenette_25 : Hi girls! I just need a boost as my weight has been now stagnating for the last 3 days ... I have started the cruise phase last Tuesday, I guess that's why?
Moderatrice cathy : Hello nenette_25, your weight goes down slowly again, don't worry we can't talk about stagnation in that case. To optimize your weight loss, leave aside tolerates, follow strictly your instructions and walk 15 to 30 minutes longer each day. Have faith!

candishibbi : Ive made the dukan Galette a few times and no matter what I do it sticks to the pan and doesnt turn out like a 'pancake" - I even bought a new non-stick pan? Also it tastes a bit like an omelette and I am really intolerant to egg, please help :)
Moderatrice sonja : Hi again Candi! What you can do is to try to bake it in your oven it's really efficient and that make it a bit crunchier. Bon appetit!

nenette_25 : Many recipes on the Fr. site have powder skimmed milk, couldn't find any in Ireland? What brand would be the more common one?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Nenette nice to see you there! In that case don't be bothered by that and just use liquid skimmed milk it will be fine!

homestreich : Yikes..another question. I can't find rhubarb anywhere this time of year. Can you suggest another food to help with constipation? Thanks again!
Moderatrice cathy : Hello homestreich, don't you have supermarkets specialized in forzen food (like Picard in France ?), as for example Iceland or Creative Gourmet? If not, you can exceptionally have 1 kiwi fruit in the morning, don't forget to drink a glass of fresh water, it will help you to fight against constipation problems. Keep us updated!

SG1845 : I am in the cruise phase but I find it very difficult to make wise food choices when eating out and even more so when eating at friends houses. I feel really motivated to lose weight and have accepted that these lapses are just that and not an excuse to resume bad habits. Is this acceptable? Even though it can mean small fluctuations in your weight lose?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi SG! Well the best to do of course is to avoid lapses as at the end your body can stagnate for a while. Try to focus on allowed food and tolerated only. It's even better to eat maybe three tolerated per day than eating delicatessen for example. In case of a lapse increase your physicalactrivity first and avoid tolerated for a while. You will see that this work. Keep going!

subutio : am on day 2 in the attack phase and am starving - have had skimmed milk in coffee, 3tsp no fat cottage cheese, a bite of chicken, a piece of salmon, and 3 egg omelette. I dont have all the recommended ingredients in the cupboard as not been shopping - i just want a vodka and dt coke and a big chocolate but dont want to ruin things - i have some cheese in the fridge but dont think thats allowed
Moderatrice cathy : Welcome to the Dukan diet coaching programme subutio, first of all be sure to have enough allowed ingredients to prepare your meals, so go shopping to buy authorized food. You've just begun the coaching so it would be really a shame to have chocolate or vodka yet. Focus on your goal and don't let it go, be strong! Don't forget also that the food allowed in the Dukan diet can be eaten until you have been satisfied. All the authorized food can be found in the fridge of your slimming's apartment. As fas as tolerated items are concerned, you can have 2 items per day, the list can be found in your cupboard. Classical cheese is forbidden unfortunately. Don't hesitate to send us your questions if you have a doubt about any other food, your mailbox is an important tool to communicate with us. Have a nice coaching!

aslisayili : Helloo from Cyprus :) all of my family here are dukanians. We have been following the programmes for about 2 months. They have reached their aims and they want to move on to stabilisation phase. We read the dukan diet book in detail but we have some hesitations regarding the daily intake of food. (I think this is just because of the translation) What should be the amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables? Can you send me an example stabilisation menu for them so that we can adjust the rest according to that?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Aslia! Nice to read that there are so much Dukaners in your family! As far as stabilisation phase is concerned you can eat everything you want but with moderation; The only thing to respect is one day of PP only for your whole life and not use escalators never ever again!

pwolfeukip : Can you tell me if there is any alternative to wheat bran as I am intolerent to wheat and cannot do some of the recipes. Thanks
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Pwo! I'm sorry but there is no alternative to wheat bran but don't worry as you can make your diet without it. Keep going and do not hesitate to ask if you have any other question!

eunicedoc : Is carob powder allowed on the diet
Moderatrice cathy : Hello eunicedoc, I am afraid but carob powder is not allowed in the diet. It is usually used to replace cocoa powder but the Dukan method tolerates only the sugar free fat reduced (11% fat maximum) cocoa powder in the amount of 1 tbsp per day. Have a nice week-end!

aslisayili : Hello again;I have been on holiday for 3 days. I had to quit my diet. I was in cruise stage. I have gained three kgs there. What should I do now? Should I continue with the cruise phase or should I start from the attack phase again??? Helppp meee pleaseee
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Aslisa! Don't worry you don't need to start everything again from the beginning! Starting from tomorrow do three days of PP and do not eat any tolerated for a while. Increase your physical activity and of course do not do any lapses any more. We will see how things are in a few days but for the moment stick on my advices it's really important; Have a nice day!

smiley58 : hi, i am losing faith in the dukan diet as i don't understand how on pp days you can lose weight (i weighed 71.2 yesterday) when on pv days you put a lot of weight on (today i am weighing 71.6), which takes a few days to lose again (it's taken me 5 days to reach 71.2 so that means it's gonna take me as long to weigh 71.2 again before i can lose more!) i feel really disheartened and am close to giving up. indeed, what's the point? i don't see how i'm gonna reach my true weight at this rate, do you? i keep hearing that time doesn't matter but it does for the person making all these efforts and losing weight is as important for us too. please help urgently (i have also sent this message in my appartment) regards, smiley58- not really smiley anymore! :-(
Moderatrice cathy : Dear smiley58, I am sure we will help you to find your smile again. There are always solutions, so keep your entire motivation! Vegetables are mostly made of water, so it is consequently possible that you do some water retention after a PV day. If it is the case, be careful about the salt shaker, avoid salted food (ham, smocked fish, preserves, ...) and vegetables which offers a high sodium rate like cabbages, celeriac, turnips, radishes, etc... Moreover, don't drink more than 1,5 L water per day and don't forget to give a boost to your weight loss by increasing your daily work out! You will do it I am sure!

eunicedoc : Although I drink 1 1/2 litres of water per day and have my 2 tbsp oat bran I am still constipated. Is there anything else that I can do to ease this?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Eunice! for your constipation you have to drink really cold water high in minerals first ;Also do some abdominal exercises and try to have some baked rhubarb. That will help but if you are still constipated please go to see your doctor for a more appropriate treatment. Please let me know how you feel tomorrow, have a nice day!

pblasso : i've been on a point system before and always battled to use up my points. wine was a good option to boost it even though its not ideal. My weekdays are usually hectic and i have to remind myself to eat, mostly foods on the go and in many instances my pv days end up as pp days. the problem is really at dinner time as most nights i get home at 8pm and it's easier to eat whatever's available, and try to avoid the starches I do not have time to experiment with recipes or always follow my activities. i do however take a walk at lunch time for an hour and take the stairs everyday, varies between 5 - 8 floors. I'm afraid of stagnating. Any advice?
Moderatrice cathy : Hello pblasso, I checked your daily report which shows many lapses, how disappointing it is! The Dukan diet focuses on proteins whereas point system diets are based on calories. Forget the past and have a look to your positive future : stay on the slimming way and don't walk away! Try to have enough allowed food in your fridge, which don't need a too long time preparation, like cooked chicken breast, ham, smocked salmon, sugar free fat free dairies, crab sticks. Don't forget that frozen fish (like cod, trout, salmon) can be microwaved 5-7 minutes, then you can just add some capers or some dairy dip (0% fromage frais mixed with dill and spices) and your plate will be ready few minutes later, yummy and tasty! Continue to walk one hour a day, it is a great healthy measure! So, please, follow my advises, I am sure your weight will go down again. Have a nice Friday!

homestreich : I was asked to "chat" about my significant lapses (4 in 27 days). I am trying my hardest to follow this diet without lapses. But given the astronomical turmoil in my life (mostly outside my control), I am actually relieved that it’s only been 4 lapses. Two of the lapses were expected and I think justified: I'd gone to people's homes for dinner and these were important stress reducers; I was as careful as I could be about eating/drinking. The other two happened at night, generally the most dangerous time for me. Those are the ones I’m focusing on eliminating by leaving the kitchen and not making evening runs to the grocery store in the evening. I also need to exercise more! I am so much happier on those days that I don't have any lapses, and bearing this in mind is a main reason I have had so few, considering the enormous stress in my life. Thank you for keeping me honest (it's been tempting to fudge on my daily report so I don't get reprimanded, but that'd be ridiculous). I am committed to following this to the end and beyond. Thank you for the first diet that has actually shown miraculous results, and has been relatively easy to follow.
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Again Homestreich and thanks for your kind message. You are doing fine and you will reach your true weight don't worry. You are right to give us all of your information even about your lapses as that really helps us to give you the right advices. Thanks for your honesty and do not hesitate to ask if you need any help or support we are here for you!

aslisayili : Hello again :) I have a lot of questions today because I can not usually catch up with the live chat sessions beca?se I am working. As I said eralier my mother is also following the dukan diet. She is in menapouse and she has minor osteoporosis. She walks for one hour everyday. But she can't lose any satisfying weight. She has lost only 300 grammes this week. What should she do?
Moderatrice cathy : Hi asliayili, tell to your mother to eat 4 up to 5 dairies per days for a right calcium intake. Moreover, as D-vitamin helps fixing calcium on the bones, advise her to eat more fatty fishes like salmon, herrings, eels, trouts, tuna, mackerel, etc... and to go outside as much as possible because the natural light (daylight) will also bring some D vitamin. Furthermore, she mustn't worry about her weight loss because it can not be constant during all the diet. If she follows the instructions, if she is careful about water retention, everything will continue in the right way. Have a nice family coaching!

nenette_25 : I'm losing on average 400 Kcal a sports session and I go 3 to 4 times a week + I walk 30 min a day, is it enough?
Moderatrice cathy : High nenette_25, it is really very good! Perfect! Maintain that frequency and try to walk 15 minutes more if you can. Thanks a lot for your questions!

dawson1199 : Hello again. Just a quick question regarding eggs if there is no cholesterol problem what is the daily limit? on my daily suggested reipe it talks about an onion omelette made with more than 1 egg for 1 person. I thought I read somewhere that it shouldn't be more than 1 egg per day. Also if you've had your limit can you still enjoy the dukan mayonnaise for example?Thanks
Moderatrice cathy : Hi again dawson1199, if you don't have cholesterol problems you can have up to 5 eggs a week. If you have reached that daily amount and if you want to prepare a recipe which contains eggs, just leave aside the yolks and use the whites ones. Indeed, only the yolks contain fat and cholesterol, whites are exclusively made of proteins. Enjoy your recipes and your Dukan mayonnaise!

Chantel78 : I dont understand the difference in the obliged and supplementary exercise so I am not sure if I am doing everything I should be or answering the questions right? What are the obliged exercises and what are the supplementary exercises?
Moderatrice cathy : Hello Chantel78, you have to do the obliged daily exercices, the supplementary ones are facultative but of course if you can do some of those proposed, it would be better! It will optimize your coaching. If you have a doubt, please send us a message in your mailbox. Let's move!

trishcherry : I just want to say how pleased I am with this diet. I have tried just about every diet under the sun, but this one is ideal for me. I did try it when the book first came to uk in May, but failed to complete it. With the coaching on line though it has made all the difference. Now I am into my third day on consolodation. How long does the initial payment I made last?
Moderatrice sonja : Hi Trish! I'm really glad to read that you enjoy our service, thanks for your kind message! You will be with us until the 22nd of November. You still have the possibility to susbscribe to the stablization phase if you want to stay with us for a longer; Keep going and have a very nice day!

Moderatrice mod : The chat is now over, thanks to everyone for your participation. We hope that you enjoyed it! The history of this chat will be available to view later on today so those who might have missed it can see what we discussed.If we didn?t get a chance to answer your question, please don?t hesitate to send us an email so we can answer you that way.Thanks again and see you for the next chat on Wednesday the 27th October at 8 o?clock PM UK time!

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